Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tick tock… time gets away…

  Well I was going to be SO good at this blog over the summer and I have dropped the ball! Amazing how time flies right by you!

Jillian turned 2 over the summer, we had a large party and she had a blast and was spoiled!

IMG_8930 Jillian and her buds at her party, we have been getting pictures on this chair since Jillian was 3 months and the E’s were 6 months!

August brought are annual trip to the Oregon Coast with Grandmema, Grandpa and Aunt Sarah and Uncle Danny. She had a blast, we had a lot of fun playing! She didn't know what to do with the sand exactly! We were lucky enough to have pool in our house this year, she enjoyed the water!!

IMG_9107 IMG_9120

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Michelle said...

I love the chair pictures we have! It was fun seeing you on Saturday and I've got to say..... It's about time you posted!!!! :)