Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jump Planet!

Today was the first day of Christmas Break for my little family… so I thought that it would be fun to do something together, the weather wasn’t nice AT all.. So I figured that I would introduce Leo to Jump Planet, especially since I can’t “jump” right now!

Needless to say, Jillian was thrilled to have Daddy there to play with! They had a blast and both were beat when the time was up!


Frosting cookies with the family!

I made some sugar cookies this Holiday season and wanted the family to help me decorate them!

Jillian didn’t know what to think at first… she was just having more fun dipping the fork into the frosting and then licking it! Getting that girl to not double dip took a few forks!


Even Daddy got in on the action!


And here I am laughing… for Leo got a picture of me (at my best, in my pj’s for they are the only thing that is comfortable right now!) and for the fact that Jilly wouldn’t stop saying “Cheese”!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Christmas Want…

So I have wanted to go to

for several years and then today I was at Bellevue Square for lunch with two girlfriends and I saw the actual lane all decorated. It made me want to go even more…. and it made me think back to last year this time and I was here:IMG_4705 

IMG_4843Disneyland during Christmas! What more could a girl who is on love with this season and Disney ask for!


Well it came and went like a flash of lightning… I had 9 people over from Leo’s side, my best friend as well. It was alot of work but rewarding to do… Sadly I didn't one picture of the day at all. For some reason these past few months I have been struggling to remember to take pictures of anything, much less Jillian… and I use to be SO good at it. Guess that it something I will have to work on now.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2 year pictures (a little late!)

So… I finally got Jillian’s 2 year pictures done. After her 18 month pictures I was scared to do them, so I hoped that if I gave her a few more months that it wouldn’t go so badly, oh and I brought Grandmema along, who then brings Jellybeans. And her and those beans translates to getting her to do just about anything!

Jillian-2-year (2) Jillian-2-year (4) Jillian-2-year (8) Jillian-2-year (10) Jillian-2-year (13)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Great Pumpkins 2010!

This year we only carved 3 pumpkins, usually we do more… but all in all we had fun… My husband is creative with his (as usual!) and did his all free hand, just looking at the picture was good enough! I carved a homegrown pumpkin right out of my garden, this year it was a yellow pumpkin (I swear that the tag at Flower world said that it was a pumpkin!) that never turned green much less orange. It was really easy to carve and smelled like a cucumber to boot! Who knows maybe next year I will actually grow an orange pumpkin!

IMG_9891             Jillian…. helping wash the dishes while we carve! So cute!!!IMG_9895 IMG_9899        Jillian’s Pumpkin, carved by Auntie H! IMG_9902           Leo’s Pumpkin… Jack Skellington!

IMG_9906          My pumpkin……. simple Jack o’latern!

So now we wait for Halloween and hopefully a few trick-or-treaters……

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What makes a girls day??

I got SO excited this morning when I found out that Mariah Carey has a new Christmas CD out…


That made my entire day and it was a long one at that!

So between her new CD and Lady Antebellum’s Christmas CD I am a happy little clam! Now all I a need is to start decorating!!! Silly me!!!

A girl and her figurines…

Jillian has taken an interest in figurines lately. She has learned and played with “E” (a little girl across the street). She now has her own stash of them and loves to play with them at our island in the kitchen while sitting on a stool, she sure thinks that she is a “big girl” now!  It still amazes me at how fast she is growing up! At least this playing keeps her busy for quite a while and it is so cute to listen to her talk to them and interact with them!


Pumpkin Farm Trip

This year we decided that we would try a new farm and we went to The Farm! Jillian had a blast and we were blessed that my sister Sarah (who is a wonderful photographer) came along and took some wonderful pictures… My sisters blog is:


After that plug for my sister! Jillian was excited to get to pick an apple off the tree and just eat it.. she carried one around almost the entire time! She like the goats as well.. she spent a lot of time trying to feed them… All in all it was a successful trip to the Pumpkin farm and Leo has his work cut out for him to carve the gigantic pumpkin he picked!

byefarm familyfarm jilliancatatfarm jillianfarm2 lamafarm pumpkin Punkin in the pumpkin patch

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grandpa’s Cake!

It was my dad’s birthday this past week (amazing that I am actually blogging about the current month.. Thanks Michelle for the bugging!!).  So I decided that Jillian would help me with it. She was excited to do that and I was worried that it might be disastrous!

But in the end it all worked out and there wasn’t too much clean up and she had a blast! And it was a good chocolate cake with raspberry filling!

IMG_9528 IMG_9540


Jillian is all about “help” these days, she wants to help me all the time. It started one day when she said “help” and I said Yes… she was all giddy and started running to the kitchen. We got out a stool and she started “helping” me with the dishes from making Cinnamon Rolls.IMG_9513 IMG_9518 And did she love it, she was drenched, and “used” a few too many towels, but all I had to do was rinse the clean dishes and it kept her busy for 45 minutes!

IMG_9524 IMG_9527 Here she is helping me roll out the Cinnamon Roll dough.. she had a blast rolling her piece with her pin!  Can’t wait for Halloween Cookies.. I have a feeling that they might be heavy on the decorations!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A girl and paint!

Jillian is all about painting right now… whether it’s at home, school or the neighbors house, she is into it!

IMG_9320 IMG_9324 IMG_9326 IMG_9330

She started out using water colors using a paint brush, I turn around and she is finger painting…. that turned into face painting…… she was so proud of herself… Who could be made at that face! Not to mention she was practicing her black nose, that is needed for her Halloween costume!

First Day of Preschool!

Jillian started Preschool in the middle of September and boy oh boy it has been an adventure! I was lucky enough to find a Co-Op that takes those that aren’t potty trained yet (we aren’t anywhere near that adventure yet!) and I get to work in the classroom once a month or so!  Off to our first day we went!

IMG_9304 IMG_9306


  Jillian was excited to go and play, but then the tears began when Mommy said Goodbye… Thank goodness for Teacher G. She is amazing…. each week it has gotten worse…. one week she tried to put herself back in her carseat…. Poor girl! But once I leave she does calm down and is able to enjoy herself! I have learned that this girl LOVES to paint… now all of our walls are covered in her art work!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tick tock… time gets away…

  Well I was going to be SO good at this blog over the summer and I have dropped the ball! Amazing how time flies right by you!

Jillian turned 2 over the summer, we had a large party and she had a blast and was spoiled!

IMG_8930 Jillian and her buds at her party, we have been getting pictures on this chair since Jillian was 3 months and the E’s were 6 months!

August brought are annual trip to the Oregon Coast with Grandmema, Grandpa and Aunt Sarah and Uncle Danny. She had a blast, we had a lot of fun playing! She didn't know what to do with the sand exactly! We were lucky enough to have pool in our house this year, she enjoyed the water!!

IMG_9107 IMG_9120

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A girl and her bucket!

Jillian found this bucket in her toy box that has been there forever and decided that it was best used on her head! It was so cute, some of the faces that she made! Amazing what keeps a little one busy!

IMG_8360 IMG_8362 IMG_8363 IMG_8367 IMG_8368 IMG_8372