Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Bunny!

~Easter Bunny 2009~
Jillian went to see the Bunny this week and actually enjoyed it, she was laughing and smiling the entire time. I was so happy, I truly hope that she isn't afraid of the Bunny and Santa, for I find it a fun tradition. But if she is anything like her mom, she won't be afraid to talk with anyone and anything.
I can't believe that it's Easter already, it seems like yesterday was Christmas and we were knee deep in snow and to top it all off, Jillian is 9 months already.... Boy oh Boy am I having alot of fun, despite the sleep deprivation from working at night and not getting any sleep during the day, I wouldn't change it for the world (well except maybe to not work at all, but then who would support my fabric and scrapping habits!)