Sunday, September 21, 2008


Well it is official... I went back to work today :( It was hard to leave this morning, especially since she was crying, but Daddy was there to save the day. It kinda feels odd to be the one doing all the "saving/solving" of her worries... I made it 8 hours at and so did Dad at home! I enjoyed being back in the "rat race" I had forgotten how much I truly enjoy my job (which for some people think I am completely crazy for!!) It ws even nicer to come home!!! There will be many more days that I will be working, but thankfully it is on my own schedule and not a REGULAR rotation that I have to follow~!~

Thursday, September 18, 2008

To work or not???

I have been completely stressed out about the work/daycare situation. It bugs the crap out of me that where I work (a hospital), the daycare is only open until 6pm... and I work until 7pm. To me that dosent seem too friendly... One would think that they would get alot of business if they were to work with those that work Day 12's (which are 7a to 7pm). Not to mention I didn't think that it was going to "bother" me to go to work, I had assumed that I didn't nor could I stay home with her! Boy oh boy was I wrong... I was already thinking that I couldn't go back to work full time 4 hours after she was born! So I am happy to say that I will be working Per Diem (which is filling in open, sick and vacation shifts..) It will be a change for all of us, Daddy is going to have to watch her more on the weekends and I am going to be working them more, but the pay off is that I am home with her the majority of the time, no daycare fees and I don;t have to work if I don't want to on the Holidays (which are very important to me!)

How do I start???

How do I start is what I had to ask myself as I sat down to write this post.. Mind you it only took me a week to get thing up and going... Boy oh boy is that a change from how things use to be. Before July 9th, 2008 at 1332, it didnt matter when I went to bed (now i damn near fly into bed the minute she falls asleep at night) it didnt matter when and what I cooked for dinner (we would just go out, now I think "can we afford that?, wouldn't it be cheaper to eat in??) Getting the wash done was a one day deal max (now I am lucky if it is done in 3!) But it is ALL worth it in the end, when you are holding her and she smiles at you!! It just melts my heart...... Makes it all better and I would NOT change it for the world, but it is AMAZING how much they do change your life and QUICKLY!