Friday, June 12, 2009


Jillian sat at her "make shift" toy box and took every single toy out one morning.. she sure thought that she was funny after she did that... Not to mention that she was "burried" in toys! Curious little bugger! But I love her dearly!

It's amazing to see how fast tme flies... Here I thought that I would use this blog "lots" to communicate how Jillian is doing or what she had done that day! Ha.... I can barely get on here every three months to post! Now that she is almost a YEAR old and she is changing more and more every day, it is my goal to post more, not going to give an "amount" for that is setting myself up for failure and gosh knows I don't need any more of that in my life.
Jillian is 11 months old now and active dosen't even begin to cover it. She started crawling on May 3rd-ish and hasn't stopped! She would love to be already walking (I don't know if we are ready for that!) She says "momma, momma" frequently many times a hour and this week just started saying "Hi Kitty" to our cats and anything that has four legs and is about the same height as our cats! She is finally getting her top two front teeth, which will bring the current count to 4 (poor thing!). She loves to eat with a fork and feed herself, not too happy when she can't do it herself.
I cherish the times that she passes out while having her bedtime bottle, so that I can rock with her and listen to her sleep (those were and are still one of my favorite times with her!) I am ever so grateful that she is in our lives and I am looking forward to each day that she grows and I am still in shock that she will be a year old next month, seems like it was yesterday that I was pregnant, fat and sassy (swollen and miserable) but eagerly awaiting her arrival!