Saturday, October 30, 2010

Great Pumpkins 2010!

This year we only carved 3 pumpkins, usually we do more… but all in all we had fun… My husband is creative with his (as usual!) and did his all free hand, just looking at the picture was good enough! I carved a homegrown pumpkin right out of my garden, this year it was a yellow pumpkin (I swear that the tag at Flower world said that it was a pumpkin!) that never turned green much less orange. It was really easy to carve and smelled like a cucumber to boot! Who knows maybe next year I will actually grow an orange pumpkin!

IMG_9891             Jillian…. helping wash the dishes while we carve! So cute!!!IMG_9895 IMG_9899        Jillian’s Pumpkin, carved by Auntie H! IMG_9902           Leo’s Pumpkin… Jack Skellington!

IMG_9906          My pumpkin……. simple Jack o’latern!

So now we wait for Halloween and hopefully a few trick-or-treaters……

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