Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Day of Preschool!

Jillian started Preschool in the middle of September and boy oh boy it has been an adventure! I was lucky enough to find a Co-Op that takes those that aren’t potty trained yet (we aren’t anywhere near that adventure yet!) and I get to work in the classroom once a month or so!  Off to our first day we went!

IMG_9304 IMG_9306


  Jillian was excited to go and play, but then the tears began when Mommy said Goodbye… Thank goodness for Teacher G. She is amazing…. each week it has gotten worse…. one week she tried to put herself back in her carseat…. Poor girl! But once I leave she does calm down and is able to enjoy herself! I have learned that this girl LOVES to paint… now all of our walls are covered in her art work!

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