Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Never a dull moment…

Well I haven’t been on here in a LONG time… so much for my New Years Resolution! But I guess that today is just as good as any day to start!

Things have been crazy and it will take me a LONG time to catch up but I will… But in true Laura fashion, I broke my foot today!! Can you believe it… It was Leo’s first day back to work after paternity leave and I had to call him at noon to come home and take me to the ER…. How it happened with a freak thing, Jilly was pitching a fit and I was trying to the gate on the stairs and I turned funny and “pop” went my left foot. And sure enough I have a 5th Metatarsal fracture (or better called a Dancer’s fracture) Yippee for me….. So now it’s a cast boot and crutches for at least a few weeks… Oh could we… NOT! I am still wondering how I am going to do everything on crutches,  let along chase a 2.5 year old around and juggle a 4 week old…. Well now that I am done venting, I am going to go put my foot up, ice it and hope that the pain meds kick in soon!

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Michelle said...

WHAT?!??!! I have been wondering how you are doing and couldn't wait to catch up with you on Thursday! Do you want to reschedule your appointment???

If there is anything I can do, let me know! And I hope you heal REAL quickly!