Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Long, long, long time...

Well, it's almost been one year since my last post.... Where did the time go? Hmm.. Let's see...

Jillian turned a year old in July and it went way TOO fast!!

IMG_1155 We had a great party and it was princess themed….

In August, we went to the Ocean, Lincoln City, Oregon where I have been going for the past 24 plus years with my family. Jillian had a blast playing in the sand.. IMG_1719 it was in every orifice!

She also had fun playing with her cousins!IMG_1774

IMG_1833I just love her so!!!

Labor Day was the next stop!! We went to Tiger Lake for some camping and playing in the water…. But the weather didn’t cooperate with us at all! I was able to get in the water, but no Jilly.. which was a bummer, but we made the best of it…

IMG_2231IMG_2295 IMG_2297 

Hanging with Grandmema and Grandpa at the lake…

October brought my favorite Holiday Halloween!!! I went overboard with the decorations and Jillian’s outfits…

IMG_2758  IMG_2796

IMG_2857 IMG_3463

The Pumpkin Patch….We have been going to Stocker Farms in Snohomish! Jillian had fun this year riding in the wagon and trying to pick up pumpkins…. IMG_3218


IMG_3315 IMG_3338 IMG_3340IMG_3377 IMG_3701 

For actual Halloween, Jillian was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz… Grandmema made the costume and Auntie Holly supplied Toto and the Basket…

IMG_3566 IMG_3605Jillian in the black light room at Halloween Party we went too!

Thanksgiving 2009 IMG_4342 IMG_4355  It was my first Thanksgiving that I had at my house for Leo’s side of the family! It was alot of work, but fun….. IMG_4344 IMG_4422IMG_4435 And this is what was left of the Turkey… guess that it was good!IMG_4453 Christmas…..

It’s a great season, that I love the most. I get extremely excited when WARM 106.9 (a radio station here) flips to Continuous Christmas music and then it all goes from there… I have 17 boxes of Christmas stuff to place in our house.

the outside can be seem from miles away..IMG_4540

Leo’s LED Tree….IMG_4543IMG_4551 IMG_4557 IMG_4564

and Jillian had an outfit a day for 20 days and Christmas PJ’s too! IMG_4593

IMG_4635 IMG_5522

IMG_5635 IMG_5638 IMG_5657wearing Auntie Holly’s sweatshirt!  

Jillian had fun helping Daddy set up the Christmas Tree…IMG_4468 IMG_4485

Mommy’s Trip~!~

I got to get away with my best friend to Disneyland to celebrate her 30th birthday...

IMG_5396 IMG_5417

IMG_4844 IMG_5031 IMG_5037


What more could a girl that loves the Christmas season and Disney ever want? (besides tattoos of her favorite characters, I have those) The two put together, it was a blast!! We girls had alot of fun…. We were like little kids again. We did almost all the rides and saw some of my favorite characters! We even stayed at the Pier Hotels (which is a Disney property)What a weekend to remember, we returned very sore and tired.



IMG_5882 IMG_5707

We had alot of fun this Christmas Season….. Jillian was starting to really like to open presents. She got lots and lots of good stuff. Her favorites came from her Grandma’s. Grandma Pam got her a rocking horse, that she spends lots of time rocking on. Grandmema and Grandpa got her a cell phone that she plays with all the time!! It was a great few days to spend with family and friends that we love!

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Michelle said...

Love the pictures! I haven't seen Jillian in FOREVER and I can't believe how grown up she looks. :) Let's get together soon.