Thursday, October 9, 2008

3 months...

How can it be 3 months already??? Time flies.. when you are having fun, being sleep deprived and learning as you go along... I wouldn't change any of it and I was reminded of this as I was walking with my "sister" (surrogate) into the Maternity ward this week.. Talk about flashbacks... just listening to his heartbeat on the monitor and waiting (with her) for "that next BIG" contraction spike and see what number it was.... sure did bring back memories... as I look back they are all good ones too. Even though I didnt think that at the time! There is a part of me that is ready to do it all over again ( I think that I need to make sure that I am taking my medications correctly!!!) I love her more and more each day and I am so greatful that she is here!!

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